Selected Downloads


Ethnography for Managers

  • This is a presentation I have given to a number of industry groups discussing the ways ethnography can be used as a marketing research tool. In the presentation I answer four questions: 1) What is ethnography? 2) Why is it important? 3) How do you do ethnography? and 4) What are examples and illustrations?

The Semiotics of Brand Management

  • This is a presentation I recently gave to an industry group in Panama City. In this presentation, I talk about the practical implications of semiotics. Specifically, I try to answer the question, “How can semiotics be useful to the brand manager?”

Introduction to Philosophy of Science

  • This presentation covers Kuhn, Laudan, Wittgenstein, and Paul Anderson’s notion of critical relativism. It is designed to be an introduction to philosophy of science for consumer culture theory doctoral students.

CCT Workshop VII 2013

  • This is a presentation I recently gave at the CCT Doctoral Student Workshop in Arizona. In this presentation, I explore the emic/etic hermeneutic as a response to the question: how can we connect macro-level theory to micro-level data, say interviews?

Panama July 11, 2013

  • This is a presentation I gave today to a very interested and insightful group of college students in Panama City, Panama.

SMS Farewell Presentation

  • This presentation was given at the end of the Southeast Marketing Symposium; it is a photographic chronology of Arkansas’ SMS story.

AMA San Francisco

  • This presentation was given July 31, 2014 to students attending the PhD Project in San Francisco. The presentation focuses on creating and disseminating academic identity.

Critical Conversations 2014

  • This is the presentation I gave at the Canon of Classics August 2014

Ideological Challenges

  • Press, Melea, Eric J. Arnould, Jeff B. Murray, and Katherine Strand (2014), Ideological Challenges to Changing Strategic Orientation in Commodity AgricultureJournal of Marketing, 78 (November), 103-119.

Inscribing the Personal Myth

  • Velliquette, Anne M., Jeff B. Murray, and Deborah J. Evers (2006), “Inscribing the Personal Myth: The Role of Tattoos in Identification,” in Research in Consumer Behavior, Vol. 10, ed. Russell W. Belk, Oxford, U.K.: Elsevier Science Ltd., 35-70.

Google Brand Story

  • This is a presentation that was discussed by the EMBA students December 6 at the University of Arkansas, Walton College.

Lille Final Presentation 2015

  • My presentation on existential-phenomenology from the Lille workshop.